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Nikola T. Bates Jr by Kaleidoscopic-Yarn
Nikola T. Bates Jr
Name: Nikola Tesla Bates Jr

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Attribute: Virus

Height: 5'9''
Nationality: United States / Hawaii
Nikola T. Bates Jr was born on a cruise ship traveling between Africa and New York two months early. Though the premature birth lead to him having some early on childhood struggles he grew to be a pretty strong young man. His mother, a ghost hunting expert, home schooled him while taking him on her travels across the states to videotape ghost sightings and haunted houses and neighborhoods. His father, a Wiccan priest, trained him in magick. Despite the very spiritual upraising Nikola has always had an aptitude for science and math. Nikola has strong feelings towards ghosts and spirits and struggles with spiritual and scientific beliefs. All this said, he can be rather quirky. He often finds himself a little outcasted even by the weirder groups because he can come off a little overwhelmingly odd. Nikola never seems outwardly bothered by his lack of a lot of friends but inwardly he is a little troubled by it but hasn't yet caught on to why this may be. When in China Town, browsing antique shops is where Nikola came across a digitama. The clerk informed him it was a 'dragon egg' meant for good luck and was pretty eager to sell it to him being that no one else had even taken interest in the object. Shortly after Nikola's purchase began behaving oddly (of course, be believed that an actual dragon was going to hatch from it) and his partner, at the time a MetalKoromon, hatched from the egg. Nikola believed that it was some kind of prototype toy from Japan or China initially but soon found that the 'toy' had sentience and life to it. He was then contacted by Kiki, his cousin, who informed him that what he had was a digimon. She invited him to come and work the the Organization where he has now moved into. Nikola is hoping for more acceptance in the Organization.

MetalKoromon -> Hagurumon

Shortly after Metalkoromon had hatched from his Digitama Nikoa still believed it to be a toy. Since MetalKoromon only seemed to react when a bright light was shown infront of it to follow Nikola would spend time spinning a flashlight around in a dark room for the digimon to chase. He would also find that when it was completely dark the digimon would not move at all but make noises similar to distress from an animal. Nikola responded to this by giving the digimon a night light in which it would spend most of the night moving back and forth in front of. One morning Nikola turned the light on and the digimon reacted by sending a few sparks off on its tail. It spun and run around as it extremely excited that the light had come back on. Nikola approached the little guy, petting its back and finding himself feeling sorry that he put the creature in the darkness. Nikola spend the day setting up a 'habitat' for MetalKoromon filled with led lights and lamps that he could cover with a dome he painted black. When he showed MetalKoromon the construction the creature was so excited that sparks literally danced off his tail. In his fit of joy, mixed with the energies of the lights, MetalKoromon transformed into Hagurumon as he jumped to hug Nikola. 
To the say the least, Nikola found the rookie a little heavy and knew now he wasn't dealing with just some toy.

Digimon Partner: 

Little noticable intelligence but for basic responces. Moves towards lights and hates darkness. To show excitement or happiness, sends sparks off the end of its tail.
Jamming Powder

Much more intelligent than its fresh form, but no sense of self. Hagurumon always has something intellectual to say and does show signs of affection towards Nikola. However, he acts very 'machine-like'. Hagurumon has the ability to implant viruses into other digimon and computers. Trojan viruses that allow it to manipulate other digimon and programs. This can be exploited by bad guys. Nikola has done his best to let Hagurumon know not to use this ability unless its told to by Nikola as it could be dangerous.
Cog Crusher

Gardromon is the digimon's first tap into emotion and thus becomes extraordinarily protective of Nikola. After reaching this form, his previous forms begin to feel emotions as well but not as strong. Here, he and Nikola's bond becomes very strong.
Grenade Destroyer
Warning Laser
Red Alert

Though it is by his programming, Andromon is even more bonded with Nikola. Andromon struggles with his status as a sentient being and often questions if its deserving as a digidestined digimon as he believes he would be easily reprogrammed and turned on his friends. He does things without emotion, whatever his order is its without any hesitation or concern. He still has the ability to care for his partner, but it has not grown since his previous form.
Lightening Blade
Gatling Attack

HiAndromon is the only form where the digimon is completely sentient and aware. The parts added to him make him smarter, sharper, and more alive then ever. It is now that he has fully realized his being. HiAndromon becomes a vaccine at this point and becomes a deadly adversary for Viruses and Kopya digimon. When he reaches this form, his Digizoid parts remain intact, turning each form into a fully realized sentient being.
Atomic Ray
Pasting Copy
Its been a really long time. Since November actually. Now, the reason I haven't been back till now is really just anxiety and stress. I wont go into details but essentially I think I had a panic attack, and I got really depressed for awhile. I'm doing better now, and I want to do better by my watchers. Thanks to everyone still out there. I appreciate your patients. Expect work in the next week!


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