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Kiki And Lyalkamon - New Oisiris Leaders by Kaleidoscopic-Yarn
Kiki And Lyalkamon - New Oisiris Leaders

Name: Kiki

Age: 18
Gender: F
Digivice: [link]
Digimon Attribute: Virus
Height: 5'
Nationality: America (Hawaii)
Maybe a bit too blunt. She can be a little on the obnoxious side and sometimes this gets her in trouble. When shes with her partner, he keeps her at bay. She acts out due to her parents sudden and constant arguing at home. Being an only child, shes confused to why her parents never have time for her. Shes seeking attention. For awhile she had spent a lot of time caking on her makeup in the morning and sneaking out of class and her house to hang out with friends and have beach fires with them late at night. If it weren't for getting Lyalkamon she would have continued to digress. Lyalkamon helped her get back to her studies and better herself. The organization and becoming a digidestined gave her a sense of purpose. Shes very good at drawing and writing but is fairly shy about her artistic outlets. She hates conformity and most senses of organization outside of The organization. 
After a few years being in The Organization she trained hard and her and her partner got strong and Lyalkamon unlocked evolution after evolution. However, while traveling through the desert Kiki and her partner stumbled across some kind of hidden shrine dedicated to an evil digimon. The evil digimon's followers, the DemiDevimon attacked, forcing Lyalkamon (at the time in his Wizardmon form) to digivolve. They corrupted the digievolution, forcing him down the dark path of his evolution chain. This corruption turned him into a Virus form. Despite this, Lyalkamon's good heart overpowered the evil that he now contained and he was able to control himself. However, he does not wish to go into Mummymon form and tries his best to fight without the extra power.
Kiki and Lyalkamon, now with the burden of the virus that infects Lyalkamon, have a promising future as leaders of Oisiris.  

Digimon Partner: 

Botamon - The Rock Monster - In-training - Data
- A shy character who likes to hide behind his tamer. Doesn't like being touched.
:bulletblack: Bubble Blow

Lyalkamon - The Doll Monster - Rookie - Data
- Very shy, and often extremely self-conscious about his appearance (especially his mouth).
:blackbullet: Arcane Crystal
:blackbullet: Elemental Shadow

Wizardmon - The Wizard Monster - Champion - Data
- Still rather shy. He doesn't talk much and always keeps his face hidden. Due to others not being able to see his face though, he is more confident.
:bulletblack: Thunder Ball
:bulletblack: Magical Game
:bulletblack: Vision of Terror

Mummymon (data) - The Mummy Monster - Ultimate - Data
- His shyness has 'uncoiled' (pun defiantly intended) so to say. He's lost his care about appearance and has only really worried about power at his point.
:bulletblack: Snake Bondage
:bulletblack: Necrophobia (Long Machine Gun)

Beelzemon - The Beelzebub Monster - Mega - Virus
- His shyness has completely been transformed to a lust for power and an angst attitude. He hates being this form when hes not in it because of the evil and pain hes not afraid to inflict in it.
:bulletblack: Double Impact
:bulletblack: Darkness Claw 

Textures used:……
Anime Kiki by Kaleidoscopic-Yarn
Anime Kiki
Now that I'm back I thought I should post something of Kiki in order to get back in the swing of things. Drawn, lined and painted in paint tool sai. 
Much Anime.
Its been a really long time. Since November actually. Now, the reason I haven't been back till now is really just anxiety and stress. I wont go into details but essentially I think I had a panic attack, and I got really depressed for awhile. I'm doing better now, and I want to do better by my watchers. Thanks to everyone still out there. I appreciate your patients. Expect work in the next week!


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