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So this happens to be one of my first real contests.
The winner will get:
100 points
A drawing by me
A free page doll
A choice between a free slime adoptable or a free fish adoptable <----- examples

The runner up will get:
50 points
A free fish or slime adoptable
And third place will get:
A free fish or slime adoptable

Here is the contest:
Harvy Semireal by Kaleidoscopic-Yarn
Draw my OC Harvyst!
Age: 32
Gender: Male

I made harvy when I was 13 or so. He has been a part of my life ever since. Initally, he was a pokemon gijinka based off of Cradily. He has evolved since then and become human. He has a sarcastic personality, with a real mind for science and human biology. He is also a cannibal. He grew up a foster child, and when he was finally adopted by a family he was already rather broken. His biological mother was hooked on heroin, and though she loved him she could not keep him. It was sometime between the year before he was taken from her, and the two years he spent in a shared home that he got his first taste of human flesh, though when he speaks of it, often the events change. His adoptive mother, though kind, was overbearing and restrictive. He would have fits of anger that were reconciled with an hour in a prayer closet. While religion never truely gripped his mind, the wonder of whether or not there is a god has always been a thought in the back of his mind. He grew out of his fits by middle school time, and began experimented with drugs and alcohol around the age of 13. It was because of this that his parents decided it would be best if he were to be sent to boarding school to finish his education. This is where he excelled. He built his social skills, excelled in sports and even fell in love for a time. This is also when his past returned to him, and he made his first kill. It was an accident, but in a panic he rid himself of the body by eating parts of it over the course of the year. During his time, he gained friends in higher places, made contacts that would pull strings for him if he ever needed it.
As an adult, about the age of 19, he got very involved in scientific studies, leading to creation of his child. She was born a clone of his first victim. He named the child Ayame, after his biological mother.
As an adult, he came into some money when his adopted parents passed on. He used it to fund a scientific facility he dubbed 'BS Laboratories'. There he still works, but he never left behind his cannibalistic urges. In the media, he was dubbed 'The Harvester'. How close to his real name he hopes they will never find out.

Other details:
- He had a psychological break sometime in middle school where he tried to sharpen his own teeth. He broke most of them. Later on in life he had them removed and now he wears dentures. When he makes his kills, he wears metal ones with sharpened tips. 
- He has dreadlocks
- His eyes are amber… But some people describe them as yellow.
- He has freckles on his knees, shoulders, elbows, chest, face and pelvic area. They fully cover his knees and shoulders, but not his face.
- His favourite color is green
- His weapon of choice is his own hands.
- He lives under the facade of being a vegan.
- his daughter is vegan, and does not know that her father isn't.
- he's 6'4, and around 200 pounds. This is mostly muscle.
- He sometimes wears either a black or green bandanna on his head.
- He is far sighted. He wears reading glasses
- He loves reading.
- and science.
- science.
- Also he cooks his food, he doesn't just bite a chunk off of someone.
- He refuses to kill or eat children. His victims tend to be people at least of the age of 25.
- His killings are about survival and hunting. He doesn't kill for sexual reasons.
Here are some not as recent references of him:
Don't accept any descriptions in the artist commments on these as canon, as I've changed a lot of his past and details


You must:
- Watch me
- Fave this journal
- Make a journal advertising this contest. It has to include this:

Kaleidoscopic-Yarn is holding an art contest of her OC Harvy! Follow this link to check it out: kaleidoscopic-yarn.deviantart.…

As well as the thumb of the main reference, : thumb447817632 : (remove the spaces)

As for the art:

-He is human. Keep him human. The only exception is if you want to draw him as a cradily gijinka.
-Including something in his bio could score you extra points.
-You may use any of his outfits featured, even the one from 2010.
-Making lots of gore wont necessarily win you extra points.
-Saying that, feel free to make it NSFW. You may take that as violent, sexual, have at it. I put no limits or censorship on this contest.
-I'm also okay with you drawing him with your OCs in anyway, be it friendly, in a fight, sexual or romantic, or just passing by.
-There is no limits on the theme of your entry, so long as hes the main part of it.

When that is all done please post below in the comments a link to your journal AND your entry and the SAME TIME.


Kaleidoscopic-Yarn has started a donation pool!
480 / 790
Pay Here by Kaleidoscopic-Yarn

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