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Katherine Masterz
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United States
I'm a student!
In fact, as of writing this I'm an incoming freshman at Digipen Institute of Technology!
My goal is to become a big character, prop and asset designer in the gaming world. Eventually I'll have an indie studio of my own. :>


Artists are weird.

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 25, 2015, 9:34 AM

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Kiki sat in a cold, dark cell in the deep ruins and yet still she could feel the immense power of her partner. It was like they were connected by a thick rope of invisible energy, but the rope was wrapped around her neck so tightly it was like she was choking out. There was a heavy pressure on her chest, like an agumon sitting on her heart, and  tight knot in her stomach. Kiki curled her feet under her body to keep them warm, and wrapped her arms around herself. Again and again she went over the events in her head. Lyalkamon was so brave, insisting they chase after… After the kopya leader. He was feeling strong. He said he could take him, because he said he felt like he could be as powerful as him. She had never seen Lyalkamon run towards an enemy with such furor.

The sound of steps broke her concentration. Kiki pushed herself up, going to the bars of her cell to try to see who was coming. Someone was coming, coming to rescue her.
Then a feeling of dread overcame her. She practically fell back trying to get as far away as possible as a pair of demidevimon rounded the corner and stared deep into her cell. In their claws hand they gripped the back of the neck of a gazimon. She recognized that gazimon, gently brushing the faded scars on her cheek. But there was something off.They didn’t say a word to her, but instead tossed the Gazimon in the cell with her and left. Weakly, the Gazimon pulled himself to his knees, trembling as he felt around in the darkness. Kiki didn’t need too much light to see what was wrong with him, though. His eyes… they were gone, gouged out.
“Oh god, what did they do to you…” Kiki asked quietly. The gazimon freaked out as if she had dumped a bucket of cold water over him, flailing and jumping away from her in a wild motion. He had his face towards her, mouth both agap and snarled with a look of shock and… not anger, pure fear. “What did they do?” She repeated.
“They did nothing. Not now, anyway,” he muttered, relaxing slightly but staying just as alert. “I remember you. I remember your smell. You’re Kiki. Beelzemon is..” Gazimon frowned slightly. “Then it all comes together.” He sat back on his haunches, shivering slightly in the cell. Kiki was silent, and when Gazimon realized she was waiting for him to continue he begrudgingly did so. “Your partner, long ago, did this to me,” Kiki looked confused, “Wizardmon is a powerful digimon on his own, but he has an ability that left me crippled. I couldn’t get the.. visions of terror out of my mind. All I saw was evil, corruption. I clawed my own eyes out trying to get it away. It was not until recently that your partner restored my sanity.” Kiki sat in silence, going over the words. Wizardmon… Visions of terror… He had never used that ability before. She had never seen it at least. She was… She was knocked out by that Gazimon. She didn’t see.
"I didn’t know,”
“I’m not surprised.” The Gazimon replied, “But maybe you’ll find some comfort in the fact that your partner always had evil in him. Or maybe not.” It didn’t help at all.
She sat in silence with Gazimon for a long time, staring at the floor in front of her. Sometimes the air would tense when a demidevimon would pass by. The silence was broken only when Gazimon spoke up again,
“Kill me,”
“Wha-?” She looked at him, surprised. He grabbed a rock from the corner of the cell and put it in her hand, after a few tries to find it.
“Kill me,” He repeated, “Do it.”
Kiki dropped the rock, pushing herself away. “No! I wont!”
Gazimon’s sightless gaze held strong, but he nodded after a moment. “I was hoping you would. I know there is no evil in you,” He said, and with that he slid into the darkness. Kiki didn’t see anything, but she heard the sounds. The sounds of claws ripping through fur, and the gentle thud.
It wasn’t long after that Zoey came.
The Darkness
A short piece of what happened in the time Kiki was waiting for help to come.

I put a mature content filter because of the end. There is no heavy description, but its clear what happens. 

Kiki (C) moi
Digimon (C) toi animation/bandai

Artists are weird.

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 25, 2015, 9:34 AM

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